Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus was founded in 2011 with a simple mission: to create premium products that celebrate the idea that good taste and eating well go hand in hand.

The parent company, Tryst Gourmet, was founded in 2007.

Made from the finest ingredients and with the greatest attention to detail, Eat Well Embrace Life has Americanized the hummus category by creating hummus from Other Beans. What makes us different and better is our commitment to product innovation, resulting in new, exciting flavors with the Wow! taste and healthy attributes you’ve come to expect.

Thanks to the groundswell of support we get from foodies like you, we’re the nation’s fastest growing hummus company today. 

The Hummus Guys
About Eat Well Embrace Life


Gil Oren
VP of Marketing

In conversation he’ll envelope you with the warmth and hospitality of a language we affectionately call Gilgamesh; a hybrid dialect composed from vats of English, a cup of Hebrew and a splash of Spanish. This former army officer thinks there’s nothing better than a good laugh, which is why he can’t stop watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Bob Ferraro
VP of Sales

Bob’s love of hummus likely took root at the great Jewish deli he worked at in high school, but those inner passions went undetected at the time. He marched off to college to major in economics, what was he thinking? A born entrepreneur, Bob is an expert at ruffling the feathers of higher ups with questions like, “What if we made hummus from other beans?”

John Kincaid
VP of Operations

As a kid, John dreamed of becoming a Formula racecar driver, which is why he’ll often blurt out at unexpected times,
“The Thrill of Victory!” or “The Agony of Defeat!” Medical technology was John’s college major, which explains perfectly his career trajectory to managing distribution of the country’s fastest growing hummus company.