Brand Name Change Announcement

Brand Name Change Announcement: Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus

November 2013 – It’s official, the hummus company formally known as Eat Well Enjoy Life Hummus announces a brand name change to Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus. Vice President of Sales Robert Ferraro shares a statement on this simple change with his valued trading partners.

Alpharetta, GA – November, 2013  Vice President of Sales Robert Ferraro announces that the company has officially changed its name to Eat Well Embrace Life. In a letter to valued trading partners, Ferraro wrote:

We wanted to inform you of a recent decision to make a subtle change to our brand name and logo.   In order to avoid any potential confusion with a company operating as “Enjoy Life” also selling products in the better for you channel, we have decided to change from our current branding of Eat Well Enjoy Life to Eat Well Embrace Life.  The change is that simple, one word Enjoy to Embrace.

The changeover to the new name and logo will be for the most part unnoticeable to consumers or our retail partners.  The change in no way requires any changes is product identification either in item numbers or UPC designations.  The parent company is still Tryst Gourmet, LLC.

As always, We appreciate your support in this matter and should you have any further questions feel free to contact me directly at (781)635-6098.

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