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Alpharetta, Georgia - April 18, 2014 Pin and Win Time! We invite you to share photos of you with Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus. We're now on Pinterest and want to feature you on our Fan Photos Board!

Low-Fat Hummus by Eat Well Enjoy Life

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 20, 2013 Low-Fat Hummus by Eat Well Enjoy Life debuts at The Winter Fancy Food Show. Smooth and creamy yet with exceptional rich traditional hummus flavor, the new hummus contains Greek Yogurt making it lower in fat and calories than other leading hummus brands.

Eat Well Enjoy Life News
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USA, November 2012 - Eat Well Enjoy Life News: From Family Circle Magazine to The Huffington Post to ABC News and Beyond, Eat Well Enjoy Life Hummus gets recognition from the Press nationwide.

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